Nancy Delgado, a low-wage worker at McDonald’s and single mom, gives moving speech at Raise Chicago’s press conference with Aldermen on Sunday, March 16th. 

Chicago Aldermen, along with low-wage workers and community groups with Raise Chicago, held a press conference on Sunday afternoon, just 36 hours before polls open on election day, March 18th. Chicago aldermen and community advocates are mobilizing and calling on their constituents to “vote our values” to pass the $15 minimum wage referendum in 103 Chicago precincts. 

Aldermen who joined the press conf and spoke were:

Alderman Bob Fioretti, 2nd Ward
Alderman Toni Foulkes, 15th Ward
Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward
Alderman Rick Munoz, 22nd Ward
Alderman Roderick Sawyer, 6th Ward 
Alderman Nick Sposato, 36th Ward
Aldermen Scott Waguespack, 32rd Ward

Advocates who also spoke: 
Gloria Warner, President, Action Now
Amisha Patel, Executive Director, Grassroots Collaborative and “Take Back Chicago” Campaign

Recently, the Raise Chicago Coalition and Chicago’s Aldermen have introduced an ordinance to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. Studies have shown that this ordinance will generate more than $600 million within Chicago’s economy and will create roughly 5,350 jobs in the city. With Seattle just accomplishing this goal, several other cities are taking up the cause, including Chicago. Mayor Emanuel’s task force on raising the minimum wage has set a total of 5 public hearings in different parts of the city. Action Now members and workers were committed speaking out at the hearings to let the Mayor and his commission know that anything less than $15 is an insult to the 87% of voters who, in March, voted overwhelmingly for a $15 minimum wage in Chicago!